Film to DVD Transfer

We utilize the best hardware available for transferring film, and it gets the job done right the first time. Customers are usually in the dark about how a transfer is actually done. 95% of the film transfer industry either project film using standard store-bought film projectors and videotaping off the wall or a mirror, resulting in a serious loss of quality from your original film. We use commercial film transfer machines to convert film to DVD. Old film is brittle. Just running it through that old projector, you found at a garage sale can cause irreparable damage. The heat from old-style lamps in projectors can melt the old film in the blink of an eye. Our modern equipment uses LED technology that is brighter than old-style projector bulbs with no heat!

Here is just a sampling of things that we do when transferring your precious memories from old silent film, or even film with sound, to an archival digital format that will not degrade over time:

  • Corner To Corner Image Brightness
  • Speed Correction
  • We stabilize the original film source so that the finished product free of jitter and flicker.
  • Clarity & Color Correction
  • We utilize equipment that transfers directly to a raw video format that we can use.
  • We babysit the project from start to finish.
  • When the job is completed, you receive a DVD with a label in a DVD movie-style & size case with a cover insert and a page inside for you to add notes.

Video to DVD

Most of us know that old films wear out, and every time they break, there is a memory on those frames of film that is lost forever. A bit surprising to many is that a videotape wears out too—even when it isn’t being played! Videotape works by recording information magnetically onto a thin tape that is coated with tiny particles of iron. As time goes by, the magnetically stored information degrades even when stored under ideal conditions. New tapes can hold the magnetic information fine for awhile. Each pass of the tape over the playback heads of a video player physically degrades the thin tape and wears away the tiny iron particles.

We fix, clean, and transfer your old VHS, MiniDV, and Hi8 to digital format on DVD*.

Time is running out to get them transferred!