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Design Services

Scott Design is your source for custom graphic design that will define you. We take pride in our diverse design styles that will always be unique to you, for you.

Our Process

Our first goal is to get to know you and your business so we can personalize our services to get you noticed. We will do that either in person, over the phone or video chat. Once we have a good idea about your business, we will dive into your vision and design your “personal look”. If you already have a “personal look”, we make sure this look is consistent throughout any graphics we create for you.

Next we apply our knowledge to create designs that will provide the best results for your marketing needs and will be uniquely yours. Usually we provide up to 3 design concepts for you to choose from. Once you pick your design, we will go to work making the design exactly what you want and create files that will meets your vendor’s need. If you do not have a vendor, we can recommend one and coordinate the project from production to delivery for you.

After the project is completed, we would like to continue to be your contact for every marketing need that may come up, because we want to have a relationship with you and your business.

So contact us to find out how we will get you noticed!

Below are some samples from our extensive portfolio.

North Conway Coupon Website

website & social media samples

Nor’ Easter Energy – Social Media Ad Campaign

project samples website & social media samples

Henry Spencer Artisan Website

website & social media samples

Event Coordination / Production

event branding samples project samples

Beer and Wine Trail Website

project samples website & social media samples

Client Campaigns

campaigns samples project samples

Beer and Wine Trail Logo

branding samples logo samples project samples

Verona Island Healing Event Posters

event branding samples packaging and self promotion project samples

Verona Wine and Design – Logo

branding samples logo samples project samples

Inteserra IRIS Subdivision – Logo

branding samples logo samples project samples

Scott Rowley — Creative Director & Owner

A Wearer of Many Hats

Scott Rowley is an award-winning Creative Director/Graphic Designer whose career started when computers were not used in the industry. When the computer was introduced, he took on the tool with passion. Being classically trained on the drawing table gave him an uncanny ability to grasp any software’s workings and apply it creatively that has always met the client’s needs. He has an artist’s attention to detail that gives him the ability to evaluate marketing plans quickly and produce designs for any platform that has surpassed clients’ projected goals. These skills have allowed him to start Scott Design, a CCR small business (cage code 4KYL5), in 2004. • Having his own graphics/marketing business has allowed him to give clients personal attention, which is not provided when working at an agency. Working with today’s software every day, excites Scott, and he uses it to provide custom graphics, designs, and Web programming that catches the consumer’s eye across all marketing platforms. • When you first work with Scott, you will notice his calming personality. He has been complimented many times for his level-headed troubleshooting on any project. This allows him to focus on providing you personal service and unique designs for your projects.