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Red Quill Ranch

Name: Red Quill Ranch Client: Red Quill Ranch Category: Custom Designed and Programmed FLASH style Website Date: March 14, 2007

For this project, the client provided me with a creative brief which included the sales brochure, photos, and custom artwork. She requested for me to create a visual site that looked like a 1930’s scrapbook. I took all of the provided items and other stock images to create a rich website experience with shadows, textures, and animation. The allusion of the scrapbook was created completely in Photoshop.

Scrolling through the screen samples, the following features were used:

  • The home page featured a video embedded in a leather scrapbook cover. When the video ended, the book animated open the first navigation screen.
  • This first page features information about the properties, and to the right, photos are animated out from under the page. These photos are the navigation for the site.
  • Each page of the site features explorable graphics where the user clicked on items to expose detailed information. When the visitor moved the mouse around the page, the interactive areas would move slightly, giving them a hint on where to click.