Arcadia New England Website

Name: Arcadia New England Client: Mod Media Category: Custom Designed and Programmed Website Website: Link To Website

Our role on this project was designer for page layout and interactive infrastructure. The client wanted a site that was easy to understand and use, especially for elders. The design does this by bright colors in the menu that coincide with a color section with the matching subject.

Once you go into the sub pages, the design changes featuring that subject’s color as a background color. That color matches and connects to the menu subject allowing for easy understanding what page the user is on.

Scrolling through the screen samples the following client’s requested needs were used:

  • Home page showing welcoming large images
  • Home page has an overview of each service provided.
  • As the user scrolls through the home page, the corresponding subject description colors becomes apparent by matching the menu color tab
  • Subpage that carries through the color matching design
  • Quick links that allow for service providers and possible new clients to sign up and search through the site.