Colonial Adjustments, Inc Website

Name: Colonial Adjustment Inc Client: Mod Media Category: Custom Designed and Programmed Website Website: Visit Site

Our role on this project was designer for page layout and interactive infrastructure. The client wanted a site that showed them in a professional way and where they can share detailed information on their services in an organized way. The design does this by using photo collages and corporate image subpage headers.

Once you go into the subpages, the design changes using a corporate header images with still keeping the design from the home page. Text is laid out in a narrower column width for readability. On the subpages we programmed a right column to display office locations.

Scrolling through the screen samples the following client’s requested needs were used:

  • Home page showing slider displaying image collages that best match their veering services
  • Company logo is displayed behind the slider to save screen space.
  • Subpages use a 2 column grid to keep the text in a narrow width and we programed in maps showing their office locations.
  • Corporate image change for each subpage subject.