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Christina Blais Fiber Artist Website

Name: Christina Blais Fiber Artist Client: Christina Blais Category: Themed Mobile Friendly WordPress, eCommerce Websites Website: Link To Website

Christina came to me to provide her with a Web presence that depicts her professionally and sells products that feature reproductions of her fiber art in an easy-to-use way. Our research brought us to the theme “Byhands,” and we felt it was the perfect match for the client’s needs. We customized the Theme with color, graphics, and links throughout the site to allow a place to feature current and past fiber art and activated the Theme’s connection with WooCommerce to organize and sell products featuring reproductions of her fiber art through Printfull.

The above screen samples show the following features:

  • The interactive slider that features photos of the artist and details of her fiber art
  • The home page that shows featured products and the most recent posts from her blog
  • Connecting her design with WooCommerce and Printfull allowed for easy product set up and selling
  • Subpages that allowed the client to put in text and images in a creative manner.
  • Connecting her design with WooCommerce allowed for visitors to search and organize available products
  • Custom programmed a way to create a gallery showing new and existing fiber art in different categories.