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Morrison Real Estate

Name: Morrison Real Estate Client: Mod Media Category: Mobile Ready Custom Designed & Programmed Website Website: Link To Website

Our role on this project was for page layout and interactive infrastructure design. The client’s objective was for a welcoming feel and to provide quick information about their listings and services right from the home page. The design does this by allowing for fast contact reference, a quick welcoming note, showing recent listed properties, quick access to a question form, and a map showing their service area right from the home page. The slider of large images allows for then to visually show who they are and the type of properties they offer.

Once you go into the sub pages, the design changes to provide room to display the most content without the Web visitor needing to scroll. Every subpage we’ve programmed the ability for the Web visitor to easily search their listings and ask a question from easy to access tabs that stay in place regardless where the user scrolls on the page. Each page has a from in the footer to sign up for listing updates.

Scrolling through the screen samples the following client’s requested needs were met by:

  • Home page showing welcoming large images
  • Welcome and contact information shown right away.
  • A way for visitors to search their listings and ask a question from every Web page
  • Subpage that allows enough space to display content without over scrolling
  • Connect their design to the MLS listings which gives the viewer confidence they are still on the same Web page.