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Client Campaigns

Fifty Five West on the Esplanade Sales Collateral

Name: 55 West Complete Marketing Material Client: 55 West Category: Client Campaigns

The Objective:

Create sales aids for the 55 West sales team and update marketing campaigns and supporting collateral. 

Creative Execution:

Previous marketing collateral was cold using a lot of black and white colors. This approach created little sales. Our new approach was to use warm, welcoming color tones an applying these tones to an entirely new design that featured photos of affluent middle-aged demographic. This campaign was directed to selling the entire real estate package. The unique components for this development were the luxury condo suites located in a high-rise offering the tenants a true city lifestyle by the Esplanade located on the first 2 floors of the towner. These floors provided areas for restaurants, shops, business suites, art galleries outdoor courtyards and live entertainment. This new approach created excitement for potential buyers by showing them what it would be like being part of the Center of Attention.


Sales went from 10% to 90% sold in 9 months.